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Chris's Journey

'I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and my running has improved'

Thinking back, what was the problem you needed to solve when you contacted Craig?

I wanted to gain some strength and do something that would help me improve my running.

I also wanted some guidance and direction in the gym.


What do you feel you’ve achieved during your time working with Craig?

I feel fitter, stronger, healthier and my running has improved.


What’s different in your life today compared to before you started working with Craig?

Going to the gym 2-3 times a week has become part of my normal weekly routine and is something I look forward to.

I’m also more aware of my nutrition and I’m eating healthier.


If you had to pick one thing, what would be your highlight so far? Which thing are you most pleased about?

Gradually building up the weights I am using in the gym over time and achieving things I couldn’t do when I first started seeing Craig.


How has Craig helped you solve your problem? What do you particularly like about his approach and delivery?

Craig has set me routines to follow that are specific to my goals and these are updated regularly to provide variety.

He is very supportive and takes on board any feedback I have and is happy to change anything that I feel isn’t quite working for me.

Craig’s approach is relaxed and friendly. He encourages me to push myself but in a relaxed way (and not in a sergeant major way!).

I like that Craig explains some of the science behind the exercises I am doing as this has helped me learn why I am doing certain exercises, which has then given me more knowledge and confidence when I am training independently.

He is professional, well organised and flexible if I need to change my usual sessions times.


What are your health and fitness goals from this point onwards? Are they any different to before you started working with Craig?

To keep building on what I have achieved so far and keep pushing myself further.


If someone was to ask you your thoughts about working with Craig, what would you say?

It’s been great working with Craig!

He’s easy to talk to and great to be around - I would definitely recommend him to others!



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