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Meet Craig...

Hi, I'm Craig.

I'm a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach based in North-West Leeds.

I help people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds feel better about their body and live happier lives through a combination of results guaranteed Personal Training and expert Nutrition Coaching.

When you work with me, you're working with a Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity (CIMSPA) Level 4 accredited Personal Trainer - the highest level of professionally accredited Personal Trainers in the UK, and a Precision Nutrition Master Coach - a member of an elite group of the world's best nutrition coaches.

Scroll down to learn a little more about my journey, and how I'll personally help you get into the best shape of your life.

My Background

I’ve been working in health and fitness since 2005 when I started my first role as a Fitness Instructor whilst studying for a degree in Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition at a university in Leeds.

Since then I’ve worked in both coaching and management roles within various health and leisure facilities.

In 2014 I launched Craig Parnham Personal Training and have since coached over 8500 personal training sessions and helped over 200 clients achieve their health and fitness aspirations.


‘I need the extra push and advice Craig is giving me. He always covers his advice with facts and knowledge and I feel we are working together as a team. It’s a pleasure working with Craig’. - Matthias

Who I Work With

I’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients during my career so far.

I offer a range of exercise and nutrition packages designed to help even the most time-challenged of individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

Whether you’re a busy professional who wants to fit in exercise around work, or a parent with young children looking to get back into exercise, there’s an exercise and nutrition package for you.


‘Craig is very amiable and east to work with, but also works you hard to make sure you are getting to your goals. I have never been stuck with doing something I feel uncomfortable with and he has made me a lot more confident in getting around the gym (this is the first time I’ve consistently gone to the gym in my life)’. - Joe


As well as being a qualified and insured Register of Exercise Professionals Level 4 Personal Trainer, I’m also an accredited Low Back Pain Specialist, Exercise Referral Consultant and Pre & Post Natal Instructor.

So, if you struggle to stay active due to back pain and/or any other medical conditions, I have the knowledge and experience to prescribe safe and effective exercise and nutrition programmes that will help you find ways to work around your limitations, enjoy exercise and even reduce your symptoms and pain.

You can view my Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity (CIMSPA) profile and a full list of qualifications by clicking here.

Specialist Personal Training

I also help those who want to exercise but have injuries they need to work around, such as sore knees, bad backs or movement limitations.

As an Exercise Referral Consultant, I’m also able to assist those with medical conditions exercise safely.

If you’ve been recommended more exercise due to any of the following conditions, then you can rest assured you’re in good hands with me:

  • Cardiovascular conditions such as: Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis
  • Mobility related conditions including: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis and joint replacement
  • Anxiety, Depression and Stress
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes Type 1 & 2
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Pre & Post Natal

If you can’t see your condition above, please get on touch to see if I can help you make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle.


‘I feel better than I have done in a long time. I first started seeing Craig as I wanted to get fit for my wedding but now I want to stay fit for me. Craig helps me focus and without him, I don’t think I would have had the discipline to find time for myself’. - Jennifer


Low Back Pain Specialist

Unfortunately, low back pain is very common amongst people of all ages and backgrounds, but it needn’t prevent you living the life you wish to lead.

So, if you struggle with low back pain or a spinal problem, as an accredited Low Back Pain Specialist, I have the expert knowledge and experience to prescribe safe and effective exercises that will help you find ways to work around your limitations, enjoy exercise and even reduce your symptoms and could even help to reduce your pain.


‘I’ve always felt incredibly supported as well as challenged by Craig in a way that was both accepting of my physical and mental limits but also pushed me out of my comfort zone just that little bit more, so I could get the results I desired’. - Vics

Expert Nutrition Coaching

How you eat and live can have an even bigger impact on your health than exercise. Afterall, your exercise will add up to a few hours each week - but you eat several times each day!

That’s why when you work with me, you’re also working with an accredited Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach.

Precision Nutrition is the gold standard around the world for coach education and to become one of their Level 2 Master Coaches, an elite group of the world's best nutrition coaches, you must undergo a minimum of one year's study, research and mentorship.

Working with me, you’ll have access to the world-class, evidence-backed and results-proven systems used by Precision Nutrition, that have helped 100,000's of people around the globe, to get into better shape and feel better about their bodies.

Search the Precision Nutrition Directory for coaches in your area by clicking here.


Precision Nutrition



How I help you reach your goals

I specialise in helping people achieve long-term sustainable change so if you’ve come here looking for the next six-week body transformation fix, you’re in the wrong place.

Unlike other diet and exercises programmes that only work in the short term by relying of restriction and the promise of unrealistic outcomes, I’ll teach you how to achieve, maintain and keep the body you desire.

When you work with me, I don’t just tell you what to do by providing you with a generic exercise programme and template meal plan, I equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to sustain your progress and prevent you slipping back into your old ways.


‘Craig is extremely knowledgeable and gave me friendly, informative advice right from the beginning of how I could improve my fitness and nutrition. I have not once felt patronised or judged by Craig and I can’t fault his knowledgeable, flexible and friendly approach’. - Abi

My approach

I pride myself on being a friendly, approachable and professional trainer … I don’t shout, or make you exercise so hard that you’re sick afterwards.

I understand that one style of training doesn’t fit all. Everybody has different goals and is motivated in different ways, so I adapt my coaching style to suit your needs.

I also strive to provide you with a first-class personal training experience. When you subscribe to working with me you’re subscribing to work with someone who will aim to deliver the best possible experience that your investment deserves.


‘Craig pushes you to do more but in a motivational way and spends time outside of our sessions in the gym to give further information such as outdoor running plans. If you ask him any questions he responds immediately. He is very efficient’. - Emma

Guaranteed Results

That’s right, I guarantee to help you get into better shape or you can have your money back.

The methods I use are based upon solid, proven exercise and nutritional science.

If you commit to working with me and following my advice, you’ll receive my results or your money back commitment in return.


‘If you have a goal to achieve Craig’s programme is definitely worth doing. I’s all about finding and embedding new behaviours that work. This doesn’t happen overnight, so it needs to be enjoyable and achievable, which it is’. - Celia

Teaching & Lecturing

I also teach and mentor the next generation of Personal Trainers and Coaches.

As a Visiting Lecturer and Qualified Register of Exercise Professionals Assessor, I’ve taught University students how to plan effective gym-based exercise programmes and assessed them against the Register of Exercise Professionals standards for the Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications.

If you have any lecturing, teaching or assessing requirements that I can assist with, or if you’re an aspiring Personal Trainer in the making who would like to share their ideas, please get in touch at for more details.

Where I'm based

You can find and work with me in-person at TrinityFitness, the sports centre at Leeds Trinity University in Horsforth, Leeds.
In addition to the superb gym facilities and equipment on offer, you'll also find changing facilities, plentiful car parking and extensive sport and health provision to cater for all your needs.
I also offer online personal training, either separately or blended with in-person training, for those who may wish to exercise at a time and location for convenient for them.