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Abi's Journey

'I am so happy that working with Craig has finally spurred me on to make real, lasting and sustainable changes to my lifestyle!’

What was the problem you wanted to solve?

Abi had never been a particularly active person, but really wanted to get into health and fitness and begin to change her lifestyle to a happier, healthier and more active one. She had previously enjoyed the gym on occasion but didn't have great knowledge of what she could do to get the most out of it.

How has Craig solved your problem?

‘Craig is extremely knowledgeable and gave me friendly, informative advice right from the beginning of how I could improve my fitness and nutrition.

He is very supportive and in no way judgemental, so right from the start I felt at ease.

I now love the gym and do strength and resistance training about five times a week.

How has Craig’s solution helped you? What results have you seen so far?

I am healthier, happier, stronger and more energetic than I have ever been!

Although I have noticed great aesthetic changes (like a reduction in my waist measurement of nearly 3 inches in 6 weeks) I have also noticed amazing changes in my mental and physical health.

I no longer feel fatigued during the day and struggle to sleep at night, I now have energy all day and feel so much more positive and energised than I ever have!

What do you particularly like about Craig’s approach and delivery?

Not only is Craig really kind and supportive, he is also really responsive to any questions or proposed changes I want to make.

Whenever I have wanted to alter anything in the gym program, he has been really helpful in tailoring it to something that works best for me.

I have not once felt patronised or judged by Craig and I can't fault his knowledgeable, flexible and friendly approach.

Craig’s thoughts…

‘Abi came to me looking for help to become more active and benefit from the advantages that brings. We started slowly and gradually built up the intensity of Abi’s workouts over a period of a few months.

Abi is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with a little time and patience. What stands out the most for me working with Abi is not just how she celebrated her achievements but how she also embraced the challenges, learning skills along the way that will help her maintain her new lifestyle long into the future.

Well done Abi!’


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