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Vicky's Journey

‘I am amazed at how much my muscle tone and definition has changed for the better over a few months’

Why did you choose Craig?

I am a member at the gym where Craig works and had an opportunity to discuss ideas about exercises with him.

I liked Craig’s ideas of less cardio pounding and more strength and core work to get your heart rate up just as much as cardio exercises.

These exercises result in an overall workout lasting no more than an hour, which frees up workout time that would otherwise be taken up by slogging on a treadmill.


How has Craig solved your problem?

I started with Craig already fit, able and at a steady weight.

Craig devised me two workouts, which I alternate to cover all my key areas.

Craig listened to what I needed and developed an individualised programme for my specific needs.


How has Craig’s solution helped you? What results have you seen so far?

I am amazed by how much my muscle definition and tone has improved over a few months!

I was fairly toned to begin with but feel much stronger in my weaker areas.

I definitely feel much fitter overall and less tired from doing too much of the same exercise.


What do you particularly like about Craig’s approach and delivery?

Craig has a very positive attitude and listens well to what I want out of my training.

I feel that he has achieved that by working with me, always checking how I feel my training is progressing and asking if I’m happy with everything.

An example of this is when one of the exercises he set me didn’t feel right, we discussed it and adapted the exercise to suit me better.


How would you summarise your experience of working with Craig as a whole?

I am very happy with the results and I find Craig to be a positive, motivational person who passes that enthusiasm on to you whilst training.  

This makes the outcome feel good overall.


Craig’s thoughts…

Vicky is a fantastic example of someone who has benefitted greatly from focusing on, as she says, ‘quality over quantity’ when it comes to her exercise routines. Before we started working together, the majority of Vicky’s time in the gym was spent performing cardiovascular-based activities, so our first aim was to put more emphasis on strength-based exercise. This meant we could reduce the stress that repetitive cardiovascular exercise placed on Vicky’s joints, which is important given her Dysplasia, whilst working towards her goals and keeping her training varied and engaging.


Where Vicky is now...

Vicky continues to perform a wide range of strength-based exercises in the gym that we review and change frequently. She pays incredible attention to detail and performs all her exercises with flawless technique.

Congratulations Vicky, you continue to be a pleasure to work with and what you have achieved already is testament to the work you put into your programme.


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