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Sue's Journey

'I’m now able to run 5 miles without any pain'

Thinking back, what was the problem you needed to solve when you contacted Craig?

When I contacted Craig, back pain was preventing me from exercising and taking part in triathlons.


What do you feel you’ve achieved during your time working with Craig?

My back pain has reduced, enabling me to start the training I need to do to take part in triathlons.


What’s different in your life today compared to before you started working with Craig?

I feel stronger, my posture is better and I no longer have a constant twinge in my back.


If you had to pick one thing, what would be your highlight so far? Which thing are you most pleased about?

I’m now able to run 5 miles without any pain.


How has Craig helped you solve your problem? What do you particularly like about his approach and delivery?

Craig has helped me by giving me exercises specifically aimed at improving my mobility and core strength.

I feel the programme has been carefully designed and there’s a purpose behind each of the exercises to help me reach my goal.


What are your health and fitness goals from this point onwards? Are they any different to before you started working with Craig?

My goals now are to be able to train successfully through the winter so that I can participate in triathlons properly again next year.

I’d also like to lose about 7lbs that I’ve put on over the summer!


If someone was to ask you your thoughts about working with Craig, what would you say?

Craig is really committed, highly professional and gets you results!

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