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Maddie's Journey

'I’ve gained confidence not just in my everyday life but also in my workouts at the gym’

Thinking back, what was the problem you needed to solve when you contacted Craig?

I wanted to lose weight and gain confidence.


What do you feel you’ve achieved during your time working with Craig?

I feel I’ve achieved a lot working with Craig. 

Not only am I working well towards achieving my goals, I’ve gained a lot of confidence and achieved things I didn’t realise were important to me, like increasing my strength and leading a healthier lifestyle.


What’s different in your life today compared to before you started working with Craig?

I feel like I have a lot more energy, which is probably due to having better control over my eating habits and having a healthier lifestyle in general. 

I’ve gained confidence not just in my everyday life but also in my workouts at the gym.


If you had to pick one thing, what would be your highlight so far? Which thing are you most pleased about? 

It’s hard to choose one highlight but, so far, I’m super happy with the strength I’ve built. 

I wasn’t really that bothered about how strong I was previously but building my strength during my workouts has had a positive effect on other things I do, such as climbing and mountain biking.


How has Craig helped you solve your problem? What do you particularly like about his approach and delivery?

Craig has helped me gain confidence in the gym. 

Before working with Craig, I didn’t really like going in the gym as I found it a bit daunting. However, Craig’s workouts and his help have given me the confidence to get the most out of my workouts and not feel overwhelmed.

He is always on hand to give advice about my nutrition as well, which I find really helpful, especially if I feel like I need an extra boost of inspiration to keep me on track.


What are your health and fitness goals from this point onwards? Are they any different to before you started working with Craig?

I feel my goals are still similar, except I’m aiming to keep up my consistency in working towards my goals.

I’m also keen to keep building up my strength.


If someone was to ask you your thoughts about working with Craig, what would you say?

I love it. Working with Craig helps me to stay focused on my goals and makes them feel more achievable. 

Craig is friendly and easy to work with, which makes the whole experience great!


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