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Linda's Journey

'I have learned how to manage portion sizes and how to make up a healthy meal, and I have lost inches and body weight'

Thinking back, what was the problem you needed to solve when you contacted Craig?

To lose body fat and tone up, generally become more healthy.


What do you feel you’ve achieved during your time working with Craig?

I feel I have learned how to manage portion sizes and how to make up a healthy meal.

I have also lost inches and body weight.


What’s different in your life today compared to before you started working with Craig?

I regularly work out now.

Previously excuses to not exercise were easy, whereas now exercise is part of my everyday routine. 


If you had to pick one thing, what would be your highlight so far? Which thing are you most pleased about?

I am most pleased with how long I have continued to be motivated to exercise and eat healthily learning that one bad day doesn’t mean a bad month! 


How has Craig helped you solve your problem? What do you particularly like about his approach and delivery?

I like the online workouts which have allowed me to continue my routine even whilst being abroad for long periods of time.

Craig is very motivating and the weekly nutritional calls are extremely helpful in allowing me to form new healthier habits.

Craig has helped me to review where positive changes can be made.

What are your health and fitness goals from this point onwards? Are they any different from before you started working with Craig?

I am now trying to maintain my progress whilst continuing to lose a little more weight.


If someone was to ask you your thoughts about working with Craig, what would you say?

Don’t hesitate!

Craig is very approachable, and knowledgeable in his field and will work with you to positively tackle whatever goal you want to achieve, you won’t be disappointed! 

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