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Catherine's Journey

'Working with Craig has enhanced and strengthened my resolve to maintain fitness into my 60's and beyond'


Thinking back, what was the problem you needed to solve when you contacted Craig?

I was looking for a regime I could do at home which would provide a focus on strength training without the need for the sort of equipment one might find in a gym.


What do you feel you’ve achieved during your time working with Craig?

A better understanding of the importance of balanced training - pushing and pulling - to ensure muscles are worked appropriately and how resistance band work can take the place of using weights. 


What’s different in your life today compared to before you started working with Craig?

Working with Craig has enhanced and strengthened my resolve to maintain fitness into my 60's and beyond.


If you had to pick one thing, what would be your highlight so far? Which thing are you most pleased about?

Definitely stronger doing planks!


How has Craig helped you solve your problem? What do you particularly like about his approach and delivery?

Craig is very personable in his style. He explains the exercises very well and what they are trying to achieve. 

He places great importance on correct form - emphasising this over repetition. 

This is reassuring because you know that you will be doing the exercises safely.


What are your health and fitness goals from this point onwards? Are they any different to before you started working with Craig?

My goal is to maintain good health and fitness into my 60's and beyond, and now, because of Craig's tutoring and instruction (with the emphasis on good form) I have more confidence in pursuing this in an optimal way. 


If someone was to ask you your thoughts about working with Craig, what would you say?

Always worth it ... even if you start a session feeling a bit 'blah' you feel better by the end by just being in his company and knowing you have been coaxed through a well-thought-out programme.

Craig provides such a professional service with the well-structured sessions (which are also available online if you miss a live class), automatic booking of classes and reminders, regular updates, and a ready willingness to be available for individual coaching conversations. 


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